Order for Pickup

Trapped in a cycle of work and self-isolation, burnt out Kelsey's reality starts to blur until an irregular order for pickup disrupts everything.

Grants & Awards

Produced through Indeed + Hillman Grad's Rising Voices Program (Season 3)


2023 Tribeca Film Festival

"Order for Pickup" was produced through Season 3 of Hillman Grad + Indeed.com's "Rising Voices" initiative. The fellowship challenged me and my cohort to each write and direct films exploring the "future of work." The future of work includes challenging and dismantling an unsustainable system. As collective growth occurred during the pandemic, many redefined their relationship to capitalism, consumption, and the concept of work. A general sentiment emerged: we cannot be defined by our jobs. “Order for Pickup” aims to explore this relationship to an extreme–what happens when only work defines us? 

Thematically, I’m intrigued by the internal compromises we make with ourselves. Often, when in a toxic rhythm, we need to rescue ourselves only after we really see how grim things have gotten. Drawing inspiration from the stylized surrealism Boots Riley's "Sorry to Bother You," my own toxic work experiences, and the blurry lines of Satoshi Kon’s “Perfect Blue,” “Order for Pickup” is my exploration of how to preserve oneself when capitalism seems ubiquitous.

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