A five-part series of 6-10 min episodes premiering daily from March 29 – April 2, 2021 on Instagram @otherlyseries.

FaceTime aims to explore the intimacy and power of family—both biological and chosen. It follows two Taiwanese-American siblings, Farrah and Andy, one living in Los Angeles and the other in New York City, as they navigate their identities and engage meaningfully with their individual communities, while their own sibling relationship evolves. Through self-documented phone footage and recorded FaceTime calls, the project explores these facets of self and examines how and when we choose to show our lives through technology.

This film is part of Otherly, a series of seven short documentaries about belonging, premiering on Instagram Stories. Produced by NFB & POV Spark. Press Kit here.

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FaceTime was produced intentionally for viewing on Instagram stories. All 5 episodes exist in the highlights on @otherlyseries. I have always been struck with how Instagram stories can operate as self-edited experimental documentaries. Otherly offered a way for me to explore and challenge the boundaries of non-fiction storytelling. The documentary is comprised entirely of recorded FaceTime calls, screen-recordings of their respective phones, Instagram-native media, and phone footage of their daily lives.

Grants & Awards

Produced through NFB & POV Spark's Otherly Lab.
2022 Webby Nominee, Social: Art & Culture


2023: Presented at BFI Shifting Perspectives

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