Convince Me: A Podcast

“Convince Me” is a documentary-style show that explores varying opinions and experiences surrounding anything and everything from social issues to pop culture. The podcast presents fly-on-the-wall scenes and interview-based stories that we may overlook or lack access to in our individual lives and encourages taking a moment to listen. 

“Convince Me” aims to highlight subjects and stories we may not hear from often. Each episode focuses on a topic that has inspired a wide range of reactions. The pilot explores the topic of voting in the 2018 midterm elections and included interviews with voters, non-voters and folks who were on the fence. While the name of the show was inspired by the idea of different people “convincing” listeners of their perspectives, the ultimate product is more focused on a dialogue between those with diverging points of view.

To build this dialogue, each episode features field recordings, interviews, and narration from host, Jackie! Zhou. As Jackie! navigates various spaces and conversations, the episodes present a spectrum of opinions on an issue and include a diverse set of voices explaining why they hold a particular point of view. As a filmmaker and sound designer, Jackie!’s podcast production style is inspired by vérité documentaries and creating a narrative with different voices and sounds. 

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